We educate for a change!

Educate A Change was started with the idea of educating for a change. Over the years, we have developed into a name of trust in the field of education. Check out our journey below!

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What Is Educate A Change?

Dive deeper into what Educate A Change stands for and our focus for the future!


Our History

Educate A Change started as a an ambitious project by Hunain Zia back in 2016. Our founding purpose was simple: make education easily accessible.

Our Mission

Provide highest quality educational resources to students across the world through both online and offline means.

Our Vision

Making an ecosystem where everyone in the world can get educated, without any significant barriers to education.

I save a complete generation by educating a single child. With education, the world can change: a thousand times over!

Hunain Zia, Founder/ CEO

Our Team

We are proudly run by a very small team of excellent members!

Hunain Zia
CEO/ Founder
World Record Holder: 154 Total A Grades/ 7 Distinctions and 11 World Records

Bringing Change Through Education