Become A Teacher

Ready to join the most noble profession? We are here to give you the opportunity!

Becoming a teacher can be a life changing experience. Many people are looking for opportunities to become a teacher, but most lack the resources to begin their journey. With Educate A Change, this journey is now posible for everyone!

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How to become a teacher

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The process to become an instructor on Educate A Change is simple. Please fill out your information on the contact form available. After reviewing your initial information, our team will communicate with you regarding further requirements, tests and formalities.

Educate A Change offers a global opportunity for teachers around the world to benefit from our online platform. As an instructor, you are part of our global community. Therefore, you get considerable chance to grow both personally and professionally.
Educate A Change believes in offering a secure and fruitful community for both our instructors and students. For this purpose, we have a certain set of rules that must be followed by everyone interacting/ working on our platform.

Once your initial information is considered, our team will provide you the set of rules to follow, along with a formal contract as a proof of acceptance for those rules
To make it easier for our instructors, our team has designed a high-end front-end course editor system. Using the course editor, you can create and publish your courses.

Detailed information shall be provided regarding course creation, updates, edits and other related tasks after initial consideration.