Purchases & Refunds

You can pay both online and offline. Online payments are processed through a dedicated online payment vendor, ensuring completely secure payment. You may use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card and Debit Card to pay online. For offline payments, you may use bank transfer, direct deposit or remittance services. Details about the payment methods are present on your order page.

Our team will only consider your payment complete once we have received the amount in our bank account. Plus, the total and exact amount must be received on our end. If the amount isn't received or is received lower than it should be, we shall not activate any order.

Refunds are only possible in two situations:
First, if we are unable to provide the course, our team will refund the money paid upon request. Providing the course DOES not mean any variations in the course. During the course progress, it may be receive changes based on the requirements.
Secondly, if you have made the payment but the course has not bee activated on our end, we will refund the complete amount if we receive the request for the refund before activation of the course. Please note that we shall not be responsible for any delays on our end in reviewing the emails, per our email timeline policy.

No. Part refunds are not offered.

Course Access

You will receive access to the course as soon as we activate it from our back-end system.

A single course purchase would offer you access to one complete course for a specific duration. Here, the duration of the course will be determined in advance, and the course access will remove as soon as the duration ends. You can purchase the course again to resume your progress from that point.
On the other hand, membership courses are based on regular membership renewals. Here, your course access will remain active as long as you keep renewing the membership subscription. Consider it more like the regular tuition system: a periodic payment for regular access.

For the free courses, open the course main page. As you scroll down, you will find the course curriculum section. Click on any of the curriculum item to open the course access view. From this view, you can access the different components of the course.

For paid courses, the process is the same as the free courses.The only difference is that after the course purchase and activation, you need to enroll yourself in the course from the course main page. Then, access the curriculum items from the curriculum section.

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